Fully Managed SEO


New Monthly Service

Starting with a comprehensive analysis of your website, we will establish where your website is doing well and identify areas where it can be improved. As an ongoing service, we will focus on increasing your market share within search so you are fully visible for all your important keyword phrases.

You can provide as much input as you'd like or just give us your domain name. We will take the ball from there to develop and work a plan that will bring you more targeted visitors to your website.

Not sure what you need to do or where to focus?

No problem! This service is designed for those of you that do not know how to do your own SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Just give us your website address and we'll take it from there.

Not producing enough content? Don't have the time or creativity to write?

We'll add to or establish a blog for your website and add professionally researched and written blog posts for you.

Is your Domain Authority not where it ought to be?

We'll increase your DA so all of your pages have more ranking power and are found more often.

Want to improve the rankings of a specific page that is not doing so well?

That's all part of the service you'll be getting on an ongoing basis. You can let us know which pages(s) you want to improve and we'll prioritize that page. Not sure or need all your pages improved? Just let us handle it and we'll work through them.

Each website is different and has things going for it and things working against it. TBOTECH will identify these areas and improve upon them so you can achieve the desired outcome.

After our initial comprehensive analysis, we'll know exactly what and where we need to work to improve the overall rankings of your site. We have a large arsenal of methods we use to give your site a comprehensive infusion of value. All sites are different and there is no one way or method that works for every website.

Whatever your site needs, we'll establish a plan that works to constantly improve your website.

We'll work this plan and continue to fine tune it over time to get you the best outcome.

CONSISTENCY is key for this to be most effective.

Budget Level - Choose a budget you can stick with and we will work within that budget to improve the rankings of your website every single month.

The more content and relevant white-hat links we can get for you, the better your site is going to do.

Monthly Billing

This is a monthly ongoing service and you will be billed on a monthly basis. We are not going to lock you into a contract. If you want to stop at any time, you may do so with no issues. You'll see tangible and visible improvements after each and every month but realistically, it can take 3-6 months for optimum results.

Order now and you will benefit from the full range of options we will use to pursue optimum rankings for your site.

We are only taking a set number of clients for this managed service in order to fully focus on their success. If the Add to Cart button is not visible, it is because we are at full capacity and aren't taking on any new clients.