Server Management


This service is for those persons or small business owners who want the added benefits and resources of having their own server but do not know how to run one and/or do not have the time to learn.

We optimize the server for your specific needs and keep the server going day after day.

You tell us what you're running and we will configure your server to run at peak performance for your specific needs. It's your server, why shouldn't it be finely tuned just for what you need it for?

There's no need to worry about space. The entire hard drive is yours.

Ready to get your own server?

Tired of sharing server resources with other websites while your own traffic suffers?

Do you even know how many other websites are hosted on the same server as yours? (Most website owners don't.)

If you have a budding business that is getting internet traffic to your website, an investment in your own server is the next solid block in your foundation.

If you are serious about your online presence and believe that your business is destined to grow, then having your own server to host your own website is the way to go.

Yes, it's an expense. But you'll have to eventually. And if you're a business person, you are inclined to think forward.

Maybe you're already there.

You wonder, "Why is my Speed Test so Slow?"

Well, if you're on this page, then you probably already know.

When you first started, you were happy to have your website just get hosted.

But now you're wondering, why isn't your traffic as good as it should be?

Could it be that since everyone and their brother is on the same server as me?

Before we get to benefits, let me address this.

Should I or Shouldn't I?

You have concerns about being "out there" and "on your own" by owning your own server.

Those concerns are well founded but easily addressed. As a business owner, your job isn't to know how to operate and maintain a server either in a Linux or Windows environment. Both server types are unique in operation and function and it is NOT something most business owners believe is the best use of their time to learn how to manage a server.

Keeping a server up to date, secure and having the correct modules installed for YOUR specific applications and marketing set, AND having it OPTIMIZED for your own objectives should be left to the geeky types.

A server is technical beast for sure and let's face it, your job is marketing.

That's where we come in.

We are a server management company that will handle all the server issues. We will maintain and keep up to date all security fixes and anything that will help your website be faster and more responsive to your customers.

Yours to use: Every single bit of the resources available on a dedicated server!